The INSIDE Solution Bike Carrier

  • Greatly reduces risk of theft and vandalism

  • Eliminates roof top loading and damage

  • Protects bikes from road grime, dirt, harsh weather, etc.

Securely holds up to six bikes in your
Sport Utility Vehicle, Van, Pickup or Trailer

Unique Bracket: Fully adjustable, swiveling bracket with 9mm skewer offers fast, easy mounting.

Multi Rail System: Extruded aluminum rails allow positioning of bikes in unlimited locations to acheive maximum cargo space usage.

Storage rack: When not carrying your bikes in your vehicle it can double as a garage storage rack.

NEW for '98 Workstation Adaptor: For use with the BIKEtransPorter. Check it out!

Portable: Straps and quick release buckles attached to cargo hooks or seat attach points provide safety and allow rapid removal.

What OWNERS are saying:

"Thank you for your service and your great product. I can now carry my two bikes inside my Cherokee without worry."
(Karen, California)

"Thank you very much for BIKEtransPorter...very happy the way it works in my Windstar Van."
(Dr. S., California)

"My riding buddy liked my inside rack so much he ordered one for his Explorer."
(J.B., Michigan)

"Our family vacation in our Suburban was essentially hassle-free due to the BIKEtransPorter."
(Dr. V., Ohio)

"Absolutely the quickest, easiest, safest way to transport your bike!"
(R.S., North Carolina)

What the REVIEWERS are saying:

"Four chainring rating!" (Bicycling,Feb. '95 Product Review)
"Well made, cleverly designed...Quick...Easy loading...Safe..."
"No security worries, no weather concerns..."
"1/2 the cost of a roof rack - and No back strain!"
"No road grime headaches...Bikes 'riding in style'..."
"Extremely easy to put in and take out.
"Holds bikes very stable...Great carrying capacity."
"I'm giving this design one of my 'best of the year nods' -its worth every penny"
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Miki Douglas
Paul Willerton
Chicago bike police
Rock Shox
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